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GBM includes a series of reports that provide management a comprehensive view of its grants, and its current and forecasted financial and cash position — so important decisions can be made quickly.

  • Grant and Financial Dashboards provide management a quick overview of grant status and forecasted financial results and cash flow.
  • The Statement of Activity and Grant Activity reports show department and grant financial results as of the most recent accounting period.
  • Budget reports show annual department and grant budgets, or monthly budgets, for up to 36 months.
  • Forecast reports add budget data to the most recent actual accounting system data to project where a grant or department is forecasted to be at a point in time. Both summary and detail reports are available.
  • Allocation reports provide the detail of indirect allocations, by department or grant.
  • 24-month Cash Forecast reports are available in a summary format, or a detailed format with all receipt and disbursement categories shown for each grant and department.
  • A cost allocation tool/report is provided for allocating actual monthly costs on the same basis as the budget.

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