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Personnel expense is normally the largest expense of an NPO and without a tool like GBM, it is difficult to manage personnel across grants, programs and departments, to see the effect changing employee allocations has on not only the grants themselves, but the indirect allocation to grants and programs. Accuracy is key; GBM provides that accuracy while making it all amazingly simple!

  • Comprehensive but simple employee benefit and expense allocation process.
  • Employee setup with Salary, Hourly and Independent Contractor employee types.
  • Flexible and complete benefit plan tables to mirror company benefits and individually assign to employees.
  • Wage increases may be based on anniversary date, fiscal-year date or other fixed date. Special raises may be added to start any time during the year.
  • Easy and flexible tables for allocating indirect as well as direct staff to multiple grants and departments for accuracy in budgeting, forecasting, and tracking total personnel costs.
  • Employees may be set up with multiple positions and rates and benefits are properly calculated.
  • Bonuses may be added and allocated to grants and departments stand alone or added into the total cost of an employee and allocated monthly.
  • Easy what-if analysis with direct view of forecasted grant fund balances to see immediate results of changes.
  • Assign square footage to employees and automatically allocate occupancy costs to grants on the same basis.
  • Ability to adjust individual salaried employees to less than a full FTE or reduce to zero in any month.
  • Independent Contractors may be entered monthly with employees and included in Personnel expense or may be added to non-personnel expense.

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