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Grant Budget Manager™ can be set up and fully operational in two to three days and can be done virtually or on-site. Here is the process:

  • Contact Grant Budget Manager™ by filling out our website Contact Form, mailing us at rick@grantbudgetmanager.com, or calling us at 608-576-3773.
  • GBM will set up a time to discuss your NPO's individual needs and ensure that Grant Budget Manager™ is right for your organization.
  • We will discuss cost and how it will fit into your budget. Grant Budget Manager™ should pay for itself many times over the first year!
  • Proper set up and training is the key to success of Grant Budget Manager™. We will work with you to set up your system and train you, so it gives you accurate results and you get the full benefit from the system immediately.
  • GBM will provide you with simple Excel templates and will walk you through them to gather setup information. This is all information you have readily available so it can be collected quickly:
    1. Company information, e.g. fiscal year, indirect allocation methods, type of accounting system, etc.
    2. Grant information (start and end dates, grant award amounts, etc...)
    3. Department information
    4. Accounting system and chart of accounts information
    5. Employee information
    6. Fringe benefit information
    7. Your current employee to-grant and department allocations
    8. Your current expense budgets
    9. Starting balances from your accounting system
  • GBM will load your system with the above information so it is ready to go.
  • GBM will walk you through loading the program on your computer.
  • We will have two, two-hour training sessions that will provide you with most of what you need to know to run and manage GBM.
  • We will schedule another one to two-hour follow-up training session about two weeks out. We will also provide you with a detailed User Manual that details out every function of GBM.
  • We will be available to answer questions as needed to ensure you get full benefit from Grant Budget Manager™

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Grant Budget Manager
Rick Perrin, MBA, CCM
Madison, Wisconsin