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Managing the financial aspects of grants takes a lot of our Executive Director's time.

It's time our Director could spend on our core mission.

With Grant Budget Manager™, your bookkeeper or accountant can take over a large portion of the Executive Directors financial responsibilities, with her oversight. GBM allows your bookkeeper or accountant to easily monitor and forecast grants and grant balances, and help the Executive Director adjust employee and expense allocations, create RFP budgets, and do “what-if” analysis. Financial and grant dashboards and a variety of other reports are at the Executive Directors fingertips so she can stay on top of grant financials and focus her time on the organizations mission. GBM will even save your bookkeeper and accountant time so they can concentrate on other key duties.

QuickBooks works great for our accounting but cannot give us the forward-looking information we need to manage our organization.

We cannot afford a big new system.

Grant Budget Manager™ works directly with QuickBooks (and all other accounting systems) to provide you everything you need to professionally manage your grants and finances. Accounting systems give you historical data (backwards looking) and Grant Budget Manager™ allows you to look forward up to 24+ months with accurate forecasts and “what-if analysis”. Its affordable, simple to use and will provide you with tools even expensive NPO accounting systems do not offer.

Our board and grantors felt comfortable when we were managing 3-4 grants.

Now that we are managing more, they're a bit nervous in our ability to control and manage our finances.

Grant Budget Manager™ gives you the tools to manage your finances so grantors and your board have full confidence in you. They will no longer worry about you overspending or underspending grants, following complex expense allocation rules, incorrectly calculating your fringe and F&A rates and preparing accurate budgets. With your new forecasting abilities, the board will also appreciate a lot fewer "surprises" especially about running short on cash.

Our biggest grant will end soon.

How will it affect us?

Grant Budget Manager™ will show you the effect, financially, of grants ending, many months in advance, so you have plenty of time to make decisions and take appropriate actions to address the changes. It will show you employee and other costs that need to be re-allocated to other grants, the amount of indirect costs that will have to be absorbed by other grants and the potential overall effect on your net income or net assets. It will also show how losing the grant revenue will affect cash available to pay employees and your other bills. You can use Grant Budget Manager™ to help you make those decisions by looking at alternative ways of re-allocating or adjusting staff and expenses.

We are competing for a big, new RFP-Grant.

Can Grant Budget Manager™ give us an edge?

Grant Budget Manager™ can help you build your budget to help you win the new grant. GBM's RFP features allow you to add a proposed grant right in with all of the others so you can look at alternative ways of allocating and re-allocating staff, building up expenses, and quickly see how the new grant will affect the allocation of indirect costs to the new and current grants. You could share this with the Grantor to assure them that you clearly understand how you'll incorporate the grant into your existing organization. After building the RFP budget, playing "what if's" to optimize the allocation of employees and expenses to the new and current grants, you can "take it out" of your budget and forecast with a few keystrokes, then quickly put it back in when you win the grant.

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