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Developed specifically for non-profits and their unique grant and program budgeting requirements. Works directly with QuickBooks and other accounting systems, efficiently and cost effectively improving financial management. Set up and fully operational in two to three days!

  • Grant and Financial Dashboards provide management a quick overview of grant status and forecasted financial results and cash flow.
  • Developed specifically for non-profits and their unique grant and program budgeting requirements.
  • Detailed forecasting and monitoring of grant and program balances, by month.
  • Simple and flexible allocation of personnel, non-personnel and indirect costs to grants and departments.
  • Quickly and easily create quotes and RFP’s for new programs and create what-if analyses to see proforma changes to all programs.
  • Up to 36-month timeline allowing for long-term grants and multiple-year budgets with monthly analysis.
  • Complete, companywide budget including all grants, programs, indirect and support departments.
  • Full cash flow forecast.
  • Flexible budgeting for fundraising and other non-grant departmental revenue.
  • Set up departments for operations and indirect costs (e.g. Admin, HR, IT) as well as additional departments or revenue earning cost centers that do not tie into grants.
  • Easy what-if analysis to analyze the financial effects of terminating grants so personnel can be re-allocated, and costs can be kept under control.
  • Summary, detail, annual and monthly budget, actual and budget variance reports to monitor grant balances, review actual performance against budget, and plan and manage grant and operational changes.
  • Quickly and easily update actual monthly financial results, which is used to project future grant balances.
  • Automatic allocation of indirect costs based on a variety of methods. Choose which departments and grants to include in, or exclude from, the indirect administrative allocation.
  • Understand how new, potential or terminating grants will affect the indirect allocation for those remaining.
  • Detailed forecasting and monitoring of indirect costs, by month, including allowable amount remaining by grant.
  • Grants and departments may be included or excluded from the indirect administrative allocation.
  • Built-in cost allocation tool easily allocates monthly indirect costs on the same basis as the budget.
  • Ability to collect maintenance and occupancy expenses, including wages and benefits, either directly or within a department and automatically allocate to grants.
  • Three levels of reporting to aggregate like grants and departments (e.g. by program type, location, restriction, etc.)
  • Programmed to work directly with QuickBooks and its Class and Job features for grant tracking.
  • Programmed to work with any accounting system. Eliminates the need to move to an expensive, fully integrated non-profit accounting system and provides budgeting features most accounting systems lack.
  • Developed in Microsoft Excel by a CFO, CPA, Finance MBA with over 35 years of experience working with over 80 companies and NPO’s. GBM was built with automation and protection to ensure your data stays safe and the program is easy to use. System formulas cannot be overwritten, data entry is in specific cells and there are no links to break. See FAQ's for more detail.
  • Uses the NPO's chart of accounts and has flexible account and report naming conventions.
  • Grant and department managers use a standardized, locked template and can simultaneously prepare budgets and update forecasts, with or without access to confidential salary information. The controller, bookkeeper or other administrator can quickly and easily consolidate them into the master budget/forecast.
  • Set up and fully operational in two to three days!

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